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Internet & Intranet

Internet - A Global Opportunity

In contrast to the ever-increasing numbers of ISP's (Internet Service Providers) concentration on gaining many thousands of individual dial-up customers, IDC's aims are simple: to provide the highest quality service to businesses for whom the Internet really matters.

IDC's services include: A News Server, Commerce Server, Proxy Server and Communications Server.

The Internet has a presence that sees no geographical boundaries and is generating a new class of business solution, from a simple browser to fully integrated business solutions.

IDC with its many years of experience in data communications is well placed to offer the business users a full range of services, from E-mail to a fully interactive Web Server and Web Servers with "firewall" protection.

Intranet - An Enterprise Solution

An intranet is an even larger opportunity for the corporate user, allowing the use of Internet technology within an organisation. Intranets are isolated from the Internet and because they are more easily controlled they make ideal vehicles for new applications or to replace existing ones such as Viewdata (Prestel).

IDC with its experience in fully integrated/front end systems linked to existing host applications, is well placed to provide the corporate user with total future proof solutions by selecting products from the international market place. We can also incorporate our own range of automated fax, telex and communications software if required.

  • High quality Internet Service Provider 
  • ISDN and leased-line access available 
  • Web site hosting and design 
  • Intranet design, development and installation 
  • Connection via: PSTN, ISDN, Leased Line and X.25
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