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What Is IClink?

IClink is a software package that allows the users of Unix Systems to connect in to other computers and communications services in a simple and user friendly way. 

What does IClink offer

IClink offers the user the opportunity to access accurate and up-to-date information that is now readily available on external databases and hosts connected to Wide Area Networks, together with Fax and Electronic Mail that many of these services offer. IClink becomes a powerful tool in any organisation that wishes to have the competitive marketing edge over the competition.

IClink is a valuable tool in not only allowing easy access to these services via a menu, but it also saves the user valuable time and effort.

How easy is IClink to use

IClink is a user friendly system, which has been designed for those who do not have a high level of computer skills. The system is totally menu driven, thereby, providing a quick and simple method of gaining access to on-line services.

By using the powerful command language within IClink, Auto Log-On sequences can be set up to eliminate the laborious and repetitive process of entering telephone numbers and passwords. Each stage of setting up a connection to an external service has an associated Help screen to guide the user through the set up procedure. 

Electronic Mail

IClink can be used to access services as a Multimessage and Sprint Mail, and which provide a rapid and efficient method of sending information between subscribers. 

Database Information

IClink allows the user to access the wealth of up-to-date information now reading available on Databases world-wide; vast amounts of commercial data on a wide range of topics such as: Stocks and Share Prices, Company Trading Details, National and International Economics, Scientific and Medical Information and up-to-date news services. 

File Transfer

IClink uses two methods of file transfer. On-Line to Electronic Mail services, previously prepared text files are sent uncorrected by the software, simulating direct keyboard input.

Alternatively, binary file transfer can be effected between two machines both running IClink, using the proprietary protocol embedded in the software. Data is checked for errors, any error blocks are automatically re-transmitted. 

Secure Print

IClink offers two optional modules to provide the CEPT and STREAMA secure printing standards available from commercial viewdata services.

These protocols allow formatted data to be sent from a host computer and be output directly to a local printer having been error checked to ensure document integrity. There are a number of different printer drivers supported within the standard software. 

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