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OEM Information

One of IDC's main strengths is as a systems integrator, we have provided solutions for many large organisations and central Government over the past 7 years.


A large bank

IDC to help automate a new service. Calls are made to a central site, where the operator enters the callers request and details. This information is passed to a print server where the information is either queued to print or had a indicator requesting that it should be faxed.

IDC integrated its fax product into the print server. The fax software received from the server a transmission request, with all attachments. Our integration solution then took control of creating a fax header with the correct department details, dialing and sending the document. One critical factor was that from the fax send request to receipt of the fax was to be less than 20 minutes (peak traffic estimated to be in the region of 2000 in one day and some 350,000 per year increasing). If the transmission failed on the second attempt, it was cancelled and we had to create a new header with a failure status, reason and return it to the initiating site and update the print server data base with a print request. 

A Large Petroleum Company

IDC was asked to integrate its Client Server fax and telex product with the encumbent systems giving desk to desk communications and inbound routing of faxes.

IDC has also automated a number of manually operated systems such as PLATTS and EMIS.

IDC's communications software has been integrated with many areas such as Accounting, International Banking, Portfolio Management, Transport, Air Charter, Shipping and Insurance.

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